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Atmos Varioair

Atmos Varioair

The Varioair is used for the "dry" thermal examination of the vestibular organ using air. Its extremely precise temperature regulation as well as the exact dosage of the air flow guarantee the constancy of the caloric energy diffused during equal irrigation durations. Thanks to this reproducibility of the examinations, the Varioair can intervene whenever the use of water as a stimulation medium is not suitable for medical reasons, or when a water supply is not available. The irrigation duration is preset from 1 to 99 seconds, the air temperature can be set between 20 ° C and 47 ° C.

Clearly ordered controls and easy operation of the Varioair facilitate the vestibular examination.

The silicone tips, attached to the connector to prevent injury to the eardrum, are autoclavable and thus protect against contamination by germs.
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