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Grason Stadler GSI 39

Grason Stadler GSI 39

The GSI 39 is a complete diagnostic device: audiometry, tympanometry, measurement of acoustic reflexes.

It is scalable. It is available in 5 different versions and it is easily possible to add features to it according to your needs. SCR Electroniques can make these changes for you.

Each version can optionally have the 1 kHz test for tympanometry (versions 1 to 5) and tympanometry / reflexes (versions 1 to 4). This makes it possible to test infants under 6 months of age.

The GSI 39 is lightweight and portable. It was designed so that the detection of pathologies of the inner ear is rapid and precise.

- Audiometry:
Both manual and automatic audiometry are available on GSI 39 versions 3 and 4. Test results are displayed on the LCD screen as an audiogram. It is then possible to print them in a spreadsheet or in the form of an audiogram.

- 226 Hz tympanometry:
When the test is complete, tympanograms and a summary of information will appear on the LCD screen. The LEDs on the probe guide the tester through the test sequence. All results can be printed out via the integrated printer.

- 1000 Hz tympanometry:
A special probe is available as an option. It combines the possibility of measuring in 226 Hz or in 1000 Hz.

- Tympanometry and reflexes:
Depending on the version chosen, the ipsilateral and contralateral reflex measurements can be taken at 226 Hz or 1000 Hz. The frequencies available are: 500, 1000, 2000 and 4000 Hz for the 226 Hz probe. A stimuli of 1000 Hz n ' is not available with the 1000 Hz probe.
All results can be displayed and printed in different forms: Yes / No response, dB HL values, dB HL values and location of reflexes.
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