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GSI Audiostar Pro

GSI Audiostar Pro

The Audiostar Pro front panel with "one button one function" is recognized around the world as the most user-friendly. The Audiostar Pro has all the qualities one would expect from an audiometer: an extra large screen, an ergonomic shell that maximizes hand and wrist comfort and backlighting.

Audiologists appreciate the flexibility of a stand-alone audiometer that offers the ability to transfer its data to a computer. If you want to use Audiostar Pro without connecting it to a computer, an optional keyboard and mouse are available to facilitate patient data entry. An optional printer will allow you to directly print a complete report.

If you want to use it with a computer, Audiostar Pro comes with GSI Suite data management software. This allows you to view and print the test reports on the computer.

5 keywords are enough to describe the Audiostar Pro: Fast, User-friendly, Efficient, Customizable and Compatible.

- Fast: the operator can directly communicate with the patients

- User-friendly: GSI has kept the interface responsible for its success. The audiologist will quickly find himself in the big screen and in the control panel. The two-channel audiometer allows the patient to be examined completely thanks to the complete test battery available

- Efficient: the evolution of the Audiostar Pro eliminates the need to use external tools. It is self-sufficient: there is no need for a control box or an external intercom system.

- Customizable: the test buttons are customizable according to the preferences of the audiologist.

- Compatible: Audiostar Pro is compatible with 5 data management solutions that make it possible to secure patient data.

    - Rapide: l'opérateur peut directement communiquer avec les patients

    - Convivial: GSI a maintenu l'interface responsable de son succès. L'audiologiste se retrouvera rapidement dans le grand écran et dans le panneau de commande. L'audiomètre bicanal permet d'examiner le patient complètement grâce à la batterie complète de test disponible

    - Efficace: l'évolution de l'Audiostar Pro élimine le besoin d'utiliser des outils externes. Il se suffit à lui-même: il n'y a pas besoin de boîte de contrôle, ni de système intercom externe.

    - Customisable: les boutons de test sont customisables selon les préférences de l'audiologiste.

    - Compatible: l'Audiostar Pro est compatible avec 5 solutions de gestion de données qui permettent de sécuriser les données patient.

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