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Heine 3S LED Headlight

Heine 3S LED Headlight

The Heine 3S LED Headlight has a light intensity with white light of 50,000 lux.

The diaphragm is infinitely adjustable: the small diameters are ideally suited for ENT and dental applications.

The Heine 3S LED Headlight is flexible: it can be combined with the HR and HRP binocular loupes. Also, there are possible power sources: on mains, on portable power supply (mPack) or on battery on headband (mPack UNPLUGGED). This latest version brings complete freedom of movement.

The optics are made from multilayer anti-reflective glass for maximum clarity.

Technical characteristics:
- Light intensity of 50,000 lux with a working distance of 250 mm
- LED lifespan: 50,000 working hours
- Spot adjustment: 30mm to 80mm at 420mm working distance
- Declination angle: individually and continuously adjustable declination for each exam
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