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Maico MA 42

Maico MA 42

The MA 42 audiometer incorporates the characteristics of the MA 41. Unlike the latter, it offers a much larger battery of tests: it is two-channel.

It allows air, bone, free field and voice conduction tests to be performed. It can also perform diagnostic tests such as SISI, Decay, ABLB, MLB, Langenbeck and Stenger tests.

Channels can be used together or separately.

Several sources can be used for voice: SD card, CD or microphone. It is possible to directly save the test results in PDF on a USB key.

High frequency is available as an option (up to 20,000 Hz).

- Test signal: pure, pulsed or wobulated sound
- Signal masking: narrowband, wideband or voice
- Frequencies: 125 to 8000 Hz (20,000 Hz optional)
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